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LEAN AND FAB The Ultimate Weight Management Supplement

What makes LEAN&FAB® DIFFERENT and BETTER than all the other weight loss supplements/programs out there?

1. LEAN&FAB® is the ONLY product in the WORLD will all four branded and patented ingredients ForsLean®, Citrin®, Fabenol®, BioPerine®, and their unique effects together for you, in one capsule!

2. LEAN&FAB® is to be released for the first time globally, making you one of the first in the market to enjoy the benefits of this breakthrough product.

3. Safe, Pure and Secure, Complete Certifications: Lean & Fab is HALAL Certified, GMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practice), Kosher Certified, BFAD Approved (sample seals shown)

4. No side effects experienced like with other brands.

5. BioPerine® is patented to increase the absorption of nutrients like LEAN&FAB® in your body, making it much more effective in helping you in managing your weight unlike other brands which don’t have BioPerine®.

6. LEAN&FAB® is being recommended to you by an actual fellow user, not a paid celebrity endorser.

Who makes LEAN&FAB®’s ingredients? LEAN&FAB® is sourced from Sabinsa Corporation
a US-based company founded in 1988 by Dr. Muhammed Majeed.

-- A global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fine chemicals and organic intermediates
-- Has offices in US, Japan, Europe, India, the Middle East, China, South Africa and Australia.
-- Received a National Award for Quality Products (Basic Drugs) from the President of India
-- Awarded the prestigious Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award

Is it natural and organic? Yes.

Is there any side effect? LEAN&FAB® has no side effects, no unnecessary bowel irritations,
or palpitations like other weight mgt. products.

How much LEAN&FAB® should I use everyday? It is recommended to take 1 to 2 capsules of LEAN&FAB® daily.

Who can use these products?
Everyone who wants to lose excess fat or manage their weight except for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Is LEAN&FAB® alright to use for people who are not that obese?
Yes! LEAN&FAB® is also recommended for those who want to shave off a few pounds (usually around the abdominal area for most people) then after actively maintain their weight. It's advisable for those who want to maximize the effects of going to the gym/running/ exercise.

LEAN&FAB® is also recommended for athletes and those who want to maintain their figure, or
want a better figure since it promotes lean body mass (muscles) as you lose your excess fat.

I have friends, family and contacts who can benefit LEAN&FAB®, can I refer it to them?
Yes you can, we have a program that allows you to gain discounts and referral bonuses from LEAN&FAB®, please do let us know and we would be glad to set an appointment with you to discuss this.

CONTENT: Contains 30capsules per bottle @ 500mg per capsule of LEAN&FAB®

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To become HEALTHY, LEAN & FAB ASAP, please call/text
 +63 9497240029 for pricing, ordering details, referrals and discounts.


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